Mirissa Travel Guide

Venture out from your beautiful villa, and spend your day lounging on the fine, golden sand at Mirissa Beach. Apart from chilling out by the beach, Mirissa also offers a variety of attractions and activities. It is regarded as the best spot for whale watching in Sri Lanka, as well as a surfers’ haven for experienced surf enthusiasts.

At the end of a long day outdoors, grab a bite at one of the beachfront restaurants. You will have plenty of choices, ranging from seafood and local Sri Lankan fare, to a variety of international cuisines. If you prefer an intimate dinner, stay indoors to enjoy a well-made dinner in the privacy of your villa.

Located at a convenient spot, Mirissa is also a good starting point for day trips and excursions to popular nature attractions such as the Yala National Park.

Things to do in Mirissa

Mirissa Beach
Mirissa Beach

Mirissa Beach

Mirissa Beach is regarded as one of the nicest beach spots along the south coast of Sri Lanka. There is plenty to see and do at this gorgeous beach – travellers can catch the waves and surf in the sea, embark on a boat tour for a whale watching trip, or simply laze around the beach for a leisurely afternoon of sunbathing.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park serves as a nature reserve, as well as a national park. It is divided into five blocks, two of which are accessible by the public. The commodious grounds of the park has a land area measuring 130,000 hectares, and is home to a diversity of flora and fauna.

Visitors at the park are spoilt for choice, for they will have a plethora of activities to choose from.

Sithulpauwwa Rock Temple
Sithulpauwwa Rock Temple

Cultural buffs should not miss out on a visit to the Sithulpauwwa Rock Temple. The site serves as an important pilgrimage center for Buddhist devotees, and houses an impressive selection of stupas, Buddha statues and intricate paintings. Do also make a stop by the Magul Maha Viharaya, and you are sure to be enthralled by the sight of the beautiful structures and architecture in this pilgrim site.

Animal lovers will delight in hopping on a jeep for an adventurous safari ride through the park trails. Bird-watching enthusiasts should keep their eyes peeled for sightings of rare bird species in the grounds of the park.

Whale Watching at Mirissa Harbour

Whale watching Mirissa Harbour
Whale watching at Mirissa Harbour

Villa travellers in Mirissa, grab your chance to get up close and personal with the magnificent creatures of the sea by embarking on a whale watching tour!

Whale watching is one of the most exciting water activities to be enjoyed with your family, young and old. There are a number of private boat tour companies organising these trips. Visitors should be prepared for an early morning expedition, as most of the boats leave Mirissa Harbour by 7 A.M. Travellers who are not used to sea trips are advised to take sea sick pills before the boat ride.

Visit the Thinuli Tea Center

The Thinuli Tea Center is well worth a visit for tea lovers.

Villa travellers will find a multitude of teas available in the shop for sale and tasting, and appreciate the owner’s warmth and sincerity as he takes you around the center, and shares his extensive knowledge of teas with you. Prices are reasonable, and are possibly sold at a fraction of prices of teas in plantations and stores elsewhere. It will be impossible to leave Thinuli Tea Center without purchasing bags of fragrant tea leaves.

Join in a Rejuvenating Yoga Session

Yoga in Mirissa
Yoga Session in Mirissa

Release the knots in your tense muscles, and relieve the stresses of your mind by joining a rejuvenating session of yoga! Pop by a yoga center for a short session of stretching or meditation, participate in a retreat, or engage a yoga teacher for a private class in the comforts of your villa.

Indulge in a Pampering Spa Treatment

Soothe your senses with the calming scents of aromatic essential oils, and relax as you indulge in a restful spa treatment.

Villa travellers will be left in good hands at Badora Spa. The owners and his team are attentive and professional, and offer services such as a calming chakra balancing massage. Villa travellers reluctant to leave the cosy comforts of their private abodes can engage the services of private massage therapists with the assistance of their villa manager.


Snorkeling at Mirissa

Water sports enthusiasts keen on snorkeling should venture to the eastern and western ends of Mirissa Beach.

Snorkelers at the western end of the coast should keep a lookout for incoming surfboards, as the area is popular among surfers. Those in the eastern areas of the beach should remain alert and watchful for strong currents and rip tides.


Mirissa Beach is a hotspot that attracts hordes of surfing enthusiasts. The western end of the beach is particularly popular among surfers. Head down to the beach in the early hours of the morning, or during the late afternoon to experience the best waves in the sea.

Where to eat in Mirissa

Dewmini Roti Shop

Dewmini Roti Shop
Chocolate Banana Roti

Tucked away from the bustling streets of Mirissa, Dewmini Roti Shop offers a wide array of tasty Sri Lankan fare such as traditional breakfast dishes, roti, kottus, dhal, curries and devilled chicken. Be sure to try decadent treats on the menu such as the popular chocolate and banana roti, as well as the chocolate and peanut butter roti.

Dimali Inn

Travellers keen on sampling home-cooked, authentic Sri Lankan fare may make a stopover at Dimali Inn for a meal. This no-frills, casual eatery offers diners with a diversity of local and international dishes. Apart from Sri Lankan food, the chef can also whip up North Indian, Malaysian, Thai and Chinese meals.

Our World Mirissa

Our World Mirissa, a popular food haunt along the beach, serves as a convenient spot for beach goers to grab local Sri Lankan snacks and beverages. Diners are drawn to the tasty food, affordable prices and friendly service at the eatery.

Number ONE Mirissa

Number One Mirissa Restaurant
Number One Mirissa, Restaurant

Located within a boutique hotel, the restaurant sits at a perfect spot along the cliff, and overlooks the sweeping Mirissa bay. Step into this eatery, and you can expect nothing less than delicious food, well-made cocktails and excellent service.

Fujisan Restaurant

Located in the grounds of the Latheena Resort Guest House, Fujisan Restaurant is the perfect place for travellers keen on feasting on international cuisine – the experienced chef can whip up Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Eastern European and North Western Chinese dishes.

Diners have given rave reviews of the Mexican food at Fujisan, remarking that the guacamole is ‘to die for’. Do not leave the restaurant without ordering a serving of chicken burritos, for we have been told that they are exceptionally tasty!

Best bars in Mirissa

Zephyr Restaurant and Bar

Zephyr Restaurant and Bar
Zephyr Restaurant & Bar

By day, the eatery serves as a relaxing beach bar, offering diners with cosy sun loungers, bean bags and a selection of refreshing cocktails. When night beckons, it turns into a cosy restaurant, with the warm glow of candles and fairy lights adding a romantic vibe to the ambience of the eatery. Visitors can look forward to energetic performances by live bands on certain nights during the week.

Sunshine Beach Bar and Restaurant

Villa travellers seeking a night of fun and conversation, accompanied by delicious food and chilled beers in a casual, relaxed setting will not be disappointed by a visit to Sunshine Beach Bar and Restaurant.

Accommodations in Mirissa

Villa Pointe Sud

villa pointe sud

Villa Pointe Sud will not fail to captivate all villa travellers who traverse and stay within its grounds.

First, the villa charms with its beautiful Palladian design, well-maintained for a duration of more than thirty years. Secondly, it occupies an excellent location, nestled high up on the hill between Mirissa and Matara, and offers guests with direct access to a tranquil and secluded beach. Lastly, the villa has beautiful, sprawling gardens that serves as a perfect spot for relaxing and strolling about in.

Siri Wedamadura Villa

Siri Wedamadura Villa

Siri Wedamadura Villa sits in the quiet, rustic village of Mirissa. It is the perfect abode for villa travellers with a love for nature and exploring the outdoors, as pristine, sandy beaches and surfing coasts are located a short drive away. In addition, travellers can embark on stunning coastal cruises and whale watching trips.

Step indoors, and you will find that the villa boasts a soothing and calming vibe. Light wood furnishings and neutral colours feature heavily in the interiors of the villa, and will greatly appeal to travellers with a taste for cosy and minimalist designs.

Watajeiya House

Watakeiya House

Look out from Watajeiya House, and you will be wowed by the magnificent view that unfolds before your eyes. It is difficult to tear your eyes away from the mersmerising sight of the rugged coastline that the villa offers.

The villa occupies an excellent spot, with its well-maintained garden extending out to hug the shores. Lucky guests at the villa can take a quick five minutes’ stroll to the beautiful beach at any time of the day. Water sports enthusiasts will be glad to discover that the waves are excellent for surfing.

Sri Sharavi Beach Villa

Sri Sharavi Beach Villas

The Sri Sharavi Beach Villas offers travellers with a taste of luxury along the sweeping beaches at Mirissa. It provides plenty of services and amenities that will not fail to impress villa guests.

The villa contains an in-house spa that provides a private spot for guests in need of a therapeutic massage. In addition, guests gain access to a wine cellar and lounge boasting an extensive collection of wines from all around the world.

As the evening beckons, order a decadent dinner, painstakingly prepared by the in-house chef, and pair the meal up with excellent wine. At the end of your meal, step out onto the beach and marvel at the beauty of Sri Lanka’ coasts.

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