Eat in Mirissa: Five Dining Options for Villa Travellers!

Villa travellers, fill up your rumbling tummy with these five dining options in Mirissa!

Is your rumbling tummy looking for something yummy? To ensure that your inner foodie is well satisfied during your stay in Mirissa, we prowled the streets in search of great eats, and present you with these five dining options:

Dewmini Roti Shop

Feast Like a Local

1. Dimali Inn

Travellers keen on sampling home-cooked, authentic Sri Lankan fare may head over to Dimali Inn for a meal. This no-frills, casual eatery offers diners with a diversity of local and international dishes. Apart from Sri Lankan food, the chef can also whip up North Indian, Malaysian, Thai and Chinese meals.

One can look forward to feasting on delicious meals at affordable prices at Dimali Inn. However, do not expect the food to be served quickly. In addition, the eatery is located in a small venue, so large groups of diners may have to wait for a period of time for available seats.

2. Dewmini Roti Shop

Dewmini Roti Shop

Tucked away from the bustling streets of Mirissa, Dewmini Roti Shop offers a wide array of tasty Sri Lankan fare such as traditional breakfast dishes, roti, kottus, dhal, curries and devilled chicken.

The eatery’s delectable delights has earned rave reviews from its diners. Decadent-sounding dishes, such as the chocolate and banana roti, as well as the chocolate and peanut butter roti are highly recommended items. Diners have also remarked that the rotis served here are thicker and crispier than the thin, crepe-like roti found in other eateries.

Wine and Dine Outdoors:

3. Zephyr Restaurant & Bar

zephyr restaurant bar

Well-situated in a spot along the beach, Zephyr Restaurant and Bar boasts a beautiful setting for dining, and provides diners with lovely sunset views during the evening.

By day, the eatery serves as a relaxing beach bar, offering diners with cosy sun loungers and bean bags, as well as a selection of cocktails. When night beckons, it turns into a cosy restaurant, with the warm glow of candles and fairy lights adding a romantic vibe to the ambience of the eatery.

Zephyr’s menu does not disappoint, and provides diners with plenty of choices, ranging from seafood dishes to fusion cuisine. It is a great spot for couples to enjoy a romantic night out, or for families to relish in a fine dinner outdoors together.

4. Fujisan Restaurant

Located in the grounds of the Latheena Resort Guest House, Fujisan Restaurant is the perfect place for travellers keen on feasting on international cuisine, for the experienced chef can whip up Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Eastern European and North Western Chinese dishes.

Diners have given rave reviews of the Mexican food at Fujisan, remarking that the guacamole is ‘to die for’. We have also been told that the chicken burritos are exceptionally tasty.

Do note that Japanese food is not served here on a daily basis, and is only offered when the required ingredients are sourced.

5. An Intimate Dinner in your Private Villa

Sri Lanka Villa

Villa travellers who are reluctant to leave the cosy comforts of their abodes may choose the luxury of dining indoors, savoring a well-made dinner prepared by experienced in-house chefs. Guests may choose from a selection of local Sri Lankan dishes and international fare available on the menu.

Guests may also make a request for dishes that are not available on the menu. However, these requests may or may not be fulfilled, depending on the availability of ingredients, as well as the chef’s experience in preparing the specific dish requested.

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