Sri Lanka’s Sweet Treats

Sri Lankan desserts

Got a sweet tooth? Satisfy your sugar craving with these delectable Sri Lankan desserts!

Sri Lanka Buffalo Curd

Sri Lanka boasts a fine selection of well-made desserts and sweets. A large number of these treats are made with local spices, and sweeteners such as jaggery and kithul treacle. Desserts are usually served as part of a meal, while the sweets are eaten as a snack during tea time.

Buffalo Curd

Sample a spoonful of the buffalo curd, and savour its rich creaminess. A dash of kitul, a syrupy treacle in a dark, caramel hue is added before serving the yogurt. This versatile dish is eaten as a dessert, but also doubles up well as a light breakfast.



At a first glance, this may appear to be a decadent chocolate pudding. Take a bite of this aromatic sweet treat, and you will be surprised to find that it contains a rich, fragrant coconut flavour.

The watalappan is made with an array of ingredients, such as jaggery, cashew nuts, coconut milk, brown sugar, cardamoms and nutmeg powder.


Kiribath may be considered as a type of rice pudding. ‘Kiri’ translates to mean milk in English, while ‘bath’ refers to rice. This dessert is prepared by cooking rice with coconut milk. After cooking, these two ingredients takes the form of a pudding, with the rice gaining a dense, sticky texture.


Divul Kiri

Divul kiri, a favourite dessert drink among the locals, is a rich smoothie made from blending the pulp of the divul (wood apple) with coconut milk, jaggery and ice.

Do not be fooled by the nondescript appearance of the wood apples, which are round, circular fruits in a pale hue, for it packs a strong punch with its robust flavours and numerous medical benefits.

Konda Kavum

The konda kavum, a type of flat cake, is one of the most popular traditional sweets in Sri Lanka. It is commonly served during festive occasions like the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year holidays.

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