When is the Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka?

Find out when is the best time to visit Sri Lanka before planning your travel trip!

The existence of two separate monsoon seasons makes the climate in Sri Lanka rather complicated, for different regions of the island may experience drastically different weather conditions during the same period. Unlike other destinations, a low tourist season does not occur in Sri Lanka as good weather conditions are usually present in certain parts of the country at most times of the year, drawing tourists to these spots.


Travellers can expect average temperatures to range between 25-30 °C in the lowland areas. The cooling highlands brings about temperatures ranging from 17 – 22 °C during the daytime, and can get rather chilly during the night.

Monsoon season Sri Lanka

Monsoon Season

Understanding the Monsoon Seasons in Sri Lanka

  • Yala Monsoon Season (May – August)

The yala monsoon season brings rain to the southern and western coasts of Sri Lanka, as well as the Hill Country. The northern and eastern regions boasts good weather conditions during this period.

  • Maha Monsoon Season (October – January)

This period is the best time to visit the Hill Country, as well as the western and southern coasts of Sri Lanka. It is best to avoid the eastern and northern regions as heavy rainfall is expected in these areas.

  • Inter-monsoonal Period (October – Mid-November)

The inter-monsoonal period brings about erratic weather conditions. Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms may occur in any parts of the country during this period.

Hill Country

Hill Country

In summary, the best times to visit the Hill Country, south coast and west coast is during the months of December to March. The months of April till September are ideal for visiting the northern and eastern areas.

Do note that December till mid-April is considered to be the peak travel season throughout the country, with prices and tourist crowds surging during this period.

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