A Magical Train Ride: Kandy to Ella

Watch on in delight, as beautiful landscapes unfold before your eyes during your train ride from Kandy to Ella!

Sri Lanka Train Ride Scenery

If you plan to visit the Hill Country during your travel in Sri Lanka, a scenic train ride from Kandy to Ella is something that you must definitely not miss out.

The train tracks leading from Colombo to Ella were first laid out with the purpose of transporting tea leaves out of Ceylon towards Colombo. Today, the train rides serve almost as a tourist attraction, with numerous travellers making it a part of their itinerary so as to discover and enjoy the picturesque sights of the Hill Country.

You will feel as if you are transported into a different country altogether as the train ambles along the tracks, moving out of the heat and dust of Colombo into the cool and refreshing climate of Nuwara Eliya.


The gorgeous sight of a picturesque landscape unfolds before your eyes. You will set sight on pointed green hills that soar upwards to form oddly dramatic peaks, as well as gentle slopes covered with emerald tea plantations. These well-manicured plantations, set in neat rows along the landscape, appear to be almost like a pretty painting.

Nuwara Eliya Tea Plantation

Photo by Juavenita via Flickr

Photo by snowflakegirl vila Flickr


It will seem as if there is a change of scenery each time the train emerges out of the tunnel. The tea plantations take on a different shade of green, slowly transforming from vibrant, vivid hues of emerald, to darker, muted shades of olive green. Light clouds of mists float by the hills occasionally, adding a touch of charm and mystery to the scenery.

You will also chance upon bright pops of colour dotted across the tea plantations. These are the local tea-pickers, decked in colourful saris as they go about in their daily chores.

Throughout the ride, food and tea sellers stroll up and down the aisle of the train, hawking a variety of tea and local snacks. You may take your pick from delectable bites such as corn with salted butter, a hearty dish of rice and curry, refreshing chunks of cut fruits, crunchy chilli fritters and crisp papadums.

Sri Lanka Tea Pickers

Sri Lanka Station Food

After a duration of about seven hours, the train comes slowly to a standstill at the station in sleepy, peaceful Ella. This station comes in the form of a lovely, colonial-style building.
Gather up your bags as you prepare to emerge out of the ride. It is likely that you find yourself feeling a little reluctant, half wishing that the pleasant ride would last a while longer.

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