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Sri Lankan Curry

Cuisine and Culture: 4 Cooking Classes in Sri Lanka

If you’re interested in discovering the food and culture of Sri Lanka, a culinary lesson on the island is an activity not to be missed. You’ll gain insights into Sri Lankan food culture, try your hand at preparing ingredients using traditional…

Eat in Galle

Dining in Galle: Top 5 Restaurants

These five restaurants in Galle are sure to delight any foodie traveller! Are you hungry for a bite in Galle Fort? The foodies behind Team SriLanka-Villa.com trawl through the streets of Galle in search of the best food haunts, and…

Sri Lankan Curry

Discovering Sri Lanka’s Staple Dish

Find out all about rice and curry, a delectable Sri Lankan staple! Step foot into a Sri Lankan eatery, and you will find a majority of customers tucking delightedly into generous servings of the well-loved national dish, rice and curry….

Sri Lankan desserts

Sri Lanka’s Sweet Treats

Got a sweet tooth? Satisfy your sugar craving with these delectable Sri Lankan desserts! Sri Lanka boasts a fine selection of well-made desserts and sweets. A large number of these treats are made with local spices, and sweeteners such as…