from HKD 8,710
per night

Villa Indisch

The beachfront Villa Indisch offers a tropical vacation that is perfect for the whole family.

10 pers. max. 5 bedrooms 16 staff
5 Customer reviews
from HKD 3,170
per night

South Point Surf House

South Point Surf House in Koggala is a villa with 5 bedrooms, private garden pool and a fully-equipped kitchen.

12 pers. max. 5 bedrooms 1 staff
from HKD 8,380
per night

Karmel Villa

Situated near Midigama beach, Sri-lanka, Karmel Villa is a lovely getaway home ideal for a whole family.

10 pers. max. 5 bedrooms

Sorry, we couldn't find many villas matching exactly your search. Here are some larger villas.

from HKD 4,210
per night

Wijaya Giri

Villa Wijaya Giri is a beautiful colonial-style holiday rental with Dutch-inspired architecture.

12 pers. max. 6 bedrooms
2 Customer reviews

5 bedroom villas in Ahangama for rent

Located right next to Koggala, Ahangama is getting more popular thanks to its perfect surf conditions. However, the vibe of this town is still very laid-back and low-key. You will be able to find a number of surf-friendly accommodations and beach villas in Ahangama.