Best shopping spots in Galle Fort

Outside of cosmopolitan Colombo, you may be left wondering where to buy your holiday souvenirs. If this sounds familiar and you are looking for a bit of retail therapy, then Galle Fort is certainly one to visit. With stunning colonial architecture and winding cobbled street, Galle is enchanting and you could happily fill a weekend inside the ancient walls. If you have finished shopping online for the perfect villa in Sri Lanka why not check out the shopping spots not to be missed!

Lighthouse at Galle fort

Credit: Ella Davis

Lihiniya Gems

It’s hard to visit Galle and not come away with a new piece of jewellery. Every street has plenty of gem stores to choose from. Our choice is Lihiniya Gems, whose family-run business caters to every taste. They specialise in Ceylon sapphires and have a range of handmade bespoke jewellery. They also take custom orders and produce pieces to your specification remarkably quickly. Lihiniya is known for having excellent customer service, so it’s no wonder customers keep coming back. Prices range depending on the quality of the stone and the metal used but like everywhere in Sri Lanka bargaining is welcomed and the more you buy the better the deal!

Location: 42A, Hospital St, Fort, Galle 80002, Sri Lanka Tel: +94 91 2 224530

Outside of Stick No Bills Shop

Credit: Sara Hill

Stick No Bills

I can’t write about Galle without mentioning one of its most quirky shops: Stick No Bills. While at face value this is just another postcard shop, Stick No Bills has become one of the most popular stores in Galle fort. Their unique and retro designs appeal to a wide market, who can purchase prints in a range of sizes. The dated BOAC and Quantas adverts give you a glimpse into the experience of early travellers to Ceylon. They draw on the rich culture of the country through deep reds and bright yellows. Postcards start at 300  SLR and posters start at 2000 SLR.

Location: 35 Church St, Galle, Sri Lanka Tel: +94 91 2 242504

Posters inside Stick No Bills

Credit: Sara Hill

Chilli Dragon Spice

Chilli dragon spice has everything you could need to recreate Sri Lankan flavours back home. If you’ve been struggling to locate the exact ingredients, the helpful and knowledgeable staff are on hand to recommend recipes to try. They stock everything from tea to herbal remedies all locally sourced. Moreover, the lovely presentation means this is a perfect stop for easy holiday souvenirs and gifts.

Location: Hospital Street, Fort, Galle 80000, Sri Lanka Tel: +94 77 337 4488

Spices on spoons

Exotic Roots

Exotic Roots concept art store is stunning from the moment you step through the door. You will recognise it from the hand painted map of Galle fort hung outside. The creativity continues inside where they stock small and large artwork, bespoke homeward and pottery. If you have had enough of gem stores then this is the place to head for contemporary day jewellery. They stock everything from statement pendants to chunky bangles, each one locally designed and many handcrafted.

Location: 50A Lighthouse St, Galle Fort, Sri Lanka 80000 Tel:(+94) 0778353966

store interior hanging lights

Luv SL Galle

This modern gift store covers everything from clothing to Sri Lankan handicrafts. While the focus is on bright colours they also have traditional-meets-modern designs. There is plenty to catch the eyes of the kids in here as the small knick-knacks and toys are everywhere and parents will be pleased as the prices are reasonable and the staff are helpful. Luv SL also happens to be one of the most impressively restored colonial buildings. The pale yellow exterior can’t be missed and the brightly coloured courtyard provides a pleasant pause from the shopping.

Pedlar St, Galle 80000, Sri Lanka Tel:+94 91 2 223120

Woman with shopping bags

Galle is certainly a shoppers paradise. With something to cater to all tastes, you won’t leave the fort empty-handed. Moreover, with lots of things to see and do in Galle, it’s worth spending some time in one of our stunning villas near Galle Fort.

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