Villa Spotlight: Villa Ambalama

What is an ‘Ambalama’?

In one of the local language (Sinhalese) ‘Ambalama’ means a place where pilgrims travelling across the country can stop for the night and relax and recharge before recommencing their journeys which in the olden days took days or weeks to complete.

Ancient Ambalama in Panavitiya

Villa Ambalama strives to recreate that same feeling by updating the spartan lodgings of those ancient days in a strikingly elegant Villa which has been newly renovated to maintain high standards of quality and comfort.

Why Villa Ambalama?

Villa Ambalama

Perfect location

When it comes to choosing a holiday destination, location is the most important aspect.  Located in Dalawella, a short 15 minute drive from the UNESCO World Heritage City of Galle and about an hour or two away from two National Wildlife Parks (Yala and Udawalawe), Villa Ambalama is the perfect place to be if you like culture and nature.

Villa Ambalama

For beach lovers this villa is a dream come true with direct beach access and ocean views and only 5 minutes drive from popular Unawatuna Beach.

Luxurious decor

In keeping with the ‘Ambalama’ theme, the Villa is designs and decorated with antique and traditional furniture including antique doors, carved stone columns, high ceilings and an array of unique decorative elements that all weave together into a web of luxury, comfort and charm from which you will not want to disentangle yourself.

Adding to the luxury is the very special view of the ocean that can be enjoyed from each and every one of the 4 bedrooms. Each bedroom opens up to the infinity pool, garden and the ocean beyond that, making each room a unique little private haven.

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Splendid meals

Talented chef Roshan, is on hand to whip you up a scrumptious meal, of Sri Lankan or Continental variety. All food is prepared fresh and bought daily and for breakfast, lunch and dinner you can expect to pay around USD $25 per person per day. You can even accompany Chef Roshan on and outing to the local market to source local produce and fresh fish.

Villa Ambalama

Meals can be enjoyed in the indoor living area, by the pool, on the veranda or even in the little replica ‘Ambalama’ in the garden. For a special treat you may ask Chef Roshan to prepare a BBQ on the garden next to the ocean.

Friendly and dynamic peopleVilla Ambalama

Sri Lanka is well known for the friendly and hospitable nature of its people, and Villa Ambalama is no exception, they have a highly skilled and experienced group of individuals running every aspect of the Villa.

From the Villa Managers who will assist you in making the best of your visit to the Chef who will prepare delicious meals for you, the houseboys  to whom your comfort is paramount, the gardener who will make sure the garden is perfectly manicured and the night watchman who will keep you safe , the fabulous team will all work tirelessly to make your visit a memorable one.

Things to keep you occupied

At Villa Ambalama

For those days you wish to hang around the villa, there are plenty of options to keep you entertained.

  • The infinity pool looking across to the sea with two shallow areas at each end and a depth of about 1.4m in the middle, is perfect for a nice, relaxing swim
  • Swimming in the nearby beach
  • Private Yoga classes can be arranged
  • Massages can also be arranged in the bedrooms or outside with trusted male or female masseurs
Around Villa Ambalama

For those who are willing to venture out a bit there is an assortment of activities ranging from relaxing to adventurous in the cities and towns surrounding Villa Ambalama. Here we have just listed out a few of these activities.

  • Visit the World Heritage Site at Galle
  • Visit the Galle fish market with Chef Roshan on one of his shopping trips
  • Unawatuna Beach
  • Whale watching in Mirissa
  • Safari in Yala or Udawalawe

Villa Ambalama

Not only is Villa Ambalama a beautiful and splendid Villa where you can pamper yourself silly, it is located in an ideal part of Sri Lanka for you to relax and rejuvenate during your stay.

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