Spotlight: Elysium Villa

Elegant and luxurious, Elysium Villa presents a magazine-worthy sight made up of ornate living spaces, a well-landscaped garden and picturesque coastal scenery. Elaborate area rugs, exquisite darkwood furniture and abstract paintings adorn the interiors, while the outdoor compounds are beautified with a diversity of tropical foliage and flora, sparkling swimming pool and a fine selection of cosy garden furniture.

If plans for throwing a large-scale wedding celebration are in the works, start taking mental notes on Elysium Villa. You will find that this alluring holiday home ticks all the right boxes when it comes to being an event-friendly venue. Beachfront setting, striking ocean vistas, sprawling garden – you name it, the villa’s got it. An array of luxe amenities, such as a home cinema, spa facilities, fitness room and games room is icing on the cake, for it ensures that your guests are kept well-enteretained throughout their stay.

Elysium Villa Sri Lanka

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