Valentines Day Villa’s

It’s that time of year when you’re looking at special ways to show your loved one how much you love and appreciate them. While this is something you should ideally be doing every single day, Valentine’s Day is an excellent occasion to plan something extra special. What more could be more special than a romantic getaway at a cozy little boutique villa in exotic and beautiful Sri Lanka.

We have put together a list of the six most romantic villa’s we offer on our portfolio to make your choice easier.

The Teak House



Constructed entirely of teak wood and located in the southern coastal town of Tangalle, the Teak House which has only two bedrooms would create the illusion of a Swiss Chalet with the fabulous option of going down to the beach for a dip in the warm Indian Ocean.

Villa Sisindu


Located by the beach with private access to the ocean, Villa Sisindu in its inviting decor in shades of blue can create the perfect atmosphere for romance and love. Also with only two bedrooms, you will be sure to have a peaceful getaway from crowds.

Casa Heliconia

Located in the tropical jungles of rural Sri Lanka, take your loved one on a luxurious adventure into the folds of Casa Heliconia. With the living spaces in pavillions (Temple Angkor and Gold Pagoda) the two suite hotel with its decor creates a mini Cambodia within the heart of Sri Lanka.

Villa Samudra Beach


The colonial styled Villa located right next to beach with bedrooms adored with antique furniture including large canopy beds provides a tranquil setting for a perfect beach holiday with the one you love. What better way to enjoy Valentine’s day than to sit next to the ocean sipping a glass of sparkling Champagne watching the sun set over the Indian ocean.

Villa Kimbulagala Watta

Located on the banks of the Koggala lagoon, home to many a tropical fauna and flora, the surroundings at Villa Kimbulagala Watta provides the right dose of wilderness to offset the perfectly comfortable and very tastefully decorated Villa.

Mosvold Villa

Unlike the other villa’s in this selection which all have only two bedrooms which would almost guarantee you and your partner your privacy during this romantic holiday, Mosvold Villa is a large villa with 8 bedrooms. However, the special treat at Mosvold Villa is their honeymoon suite which is entirely isolated from the rest of the villa. With its own plunge pool (seen in the photo) and sun beds and private butler services, you don’t need to be on honeymoon to indulge in the peaceful sanctuary of this suite.

Now all you have to do is the very difficult task of picking which one you love most and surprise your loved one with a special Valentine’s day holiday!


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