Artsy and Ornate: 5 Irresistible Vacation Homes

Travellers with a love for arts and culture will find plenty to see and do during their sojourns at the Pearl of the Orient. Possessing a keen eye for beauty and a thirst for cultural exploration, these vacation makers are likely to be charmed by stunning works found in a variety of stylish art galleries, and enticed by a diversity of curious exhibitions displayed in museums. When it comes to accommodations, nothing less than a delightful vacation home furnished with an artistic flair will do:

Elysium Villa

Elysium Villa

A prime beachfront location, expansive tropical garden and stunning vistas of the ocean – Elysium Villa seems to have it all. In addition to these plus points, the villa also boasts stunning interiors that are designed to impress. Wander through its commodious living spaces, and you will find rooms decorated with exquisite ornaments and beautiful darkwood furniture. The tasteful design extends outdoors to the well-manicured grounds of the villa. Filled with a diversity of tropical flora and foliage, it provides an enchanting sight.

Villa no 79

Villa n°79

The interiors of Villa n°79 reminds one of an ornately-furnished magical cave decorated with quirky and eye-catching home accessories. Here, you will set sight on archways adorned with wooden frames and stained glass, as well as a choice selection fo colourful paintings and fascinating wall ornaments. Hues of vibrant blue, soothing turquoise and creamy sand painting the walls brings to mind the picturesque scenery of the tropics.

Villa Kingsleys Pearl

Villa Kingsley’s Pearl

Close to the sweeping shores of Thalpe lies Villa Kingsley’s Pearl. The vacation rental’s interiors feature pristine white walls, intricate wooden furnishings and vaulted ceilings, while the exteriors consist of a sprawling garden filled with towering palms. A sparkling swimming pool situated in the courtyard, flanked by rectangular pillars and a narrow strip of pebble flooring, takes centerstage at the villa.

Villa 41 Lighthouse Street

Villa 41 Lighthouse Street

Villa 41 Lighthouse Street’s striking interiors will not be out of place in a trendy design magazine. Artsy paintings and decorative features adorn the walls, and a selection of oriental ornaments lend an Asian accent to the living spaces. The pretty lanterns hanging from the ceiling replace conventional forms of lighting, checkered flooring create a quirky vibe and the indoor plants complement the decor perfectly.

Villa Satin Doll

Villa Satin Doll

Holidaymakers in search of a unique, one-of-a-kind vacation home will find what they seek in Villa Satin Doll. The plush sofas, patterned rugs and darkwood furniture add on to the villa’s old-world charm. An eclectic mix of home ornaments, ranging from abstract paintings and wall art, to old-fashioned standing drawers and porcelain lamps sets this elegant villa apart from the rest.

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