Foodie’s Guide to Negombo: Best Places to Eat

Hungry for a bite? Read on to find out about the best places to eat in Negombo!

We sent our resident food writers on an expedition to discover the best places to eat in Negombo, and present you with the following food guide:

Bijou Swiss Restaurant

Cheese Fondue

Decadent Cheese Fondue

Bijou Swiss Restaurant promises to satisfy the tastebuds of travellers yearning for European food with its array of Swiss and German dishes. Expect to feast on rich fondue, crisp schnitzel, as well as an extensive selection of seafood dishes.

You will also enjoy having a chat with the amiable and friendly owner, Dolly, as she stops by the tables to engage in friendly banter with her guests.

Black Coral Restaurant

Situated within the compounds of Jetwing Beach Hotels, Black Coral Restaurant welcomes guests with scrumptious food and a gorgeous setting.

Diners may opt for the ala carte dishes, and feast on popular dishes such as the Prawns bag, steak and cheese platter. Villa travellers who are in the mood for an indulgent feast may opt for the decadent six course spread, complete with aperitifs, breads, sorbets and chocolates.

Special mention has been made of the excellent service offered by the staff at the restaurant. Diners can expect to have their needs well taken care of by the genial Niroshan and his team.




Travellers escaping the sweltering afternoon heat of the tropics should seek respite in the cooling interiors of Coco’s. Be sure to order yourself a serving of the ice cream, available in delightful flavours of tangy berries, fragrant coconut and more.

Coco’s also dishes out an array of tasty local and Western fare, and charms diners with its cosy and comfortable setting.

Lords Restaurant Complex

Lords Restaurant Complex

Lords Restaurant Complex

The highly popular Lords Restaurant Complex hits all the right notes – it boasts a diversity of delectable dishes, beautiful food presentations, a lovely ambience and great atmosphere.

The restaurant also offers an extensive menu containing local, Eastern, Western and fusion fare. Guests with a love for animals and charitable causes will be delighted to discover that profits at the restaurant are contributed to The Hope Foundation, a local animal welfare organisation.

Petit Restaurant

A meal at Petit Restaurant will satisfy travellers seeking for a taste of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine.

Diners can expect to feast on a diverse selection of seafood dishes at this cosy, family-run restaurant. Do note that the dishes, cooked in the traditional Sri Lankan way, can be rather spicy.

Also, be prepared that your wait for your food can be a long one. Travellers dining in a large group should call in to order their dishes in advance.

Tusker Restaurant

Tusker Restaurant

Tusker Restaurant

Tusker Restaurant dishes up a fine selection of popular seafood dishes, such as the tuna steak, seafood platter and mullet fish, as well as Western mains, Sri Lankan fare and desserts. The contemporary design and warm lighting lend a cosy and inviting vibe to the restaurant.

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita

Situated on a narrow side street, Dolce Vita sits away from the busy main road and faces the boundless Indian Ocean. It calls out to coffee lovers in need of a jolt of caffeine, or travellers in search of a tranquil spot to while away their afternoons leisurely.

The eatery offers a wealth of dishes that promises to satisfy the tastebuds of its diners. Apart from excellent coffee (reputedly the best in Negombo!), guests can also savour a selection of tasty pastries, cakes, gelato, bread, pizza, as well as other European mains.

Rodeo Pub

Expats and travellers flock towards the lively and bustling Rodeo Pub. This popular nightspot captivates guests with an extensive selection of cocktails, great music and friendly service. Hungry pub-goers are spoilt for choice, and can satiate their hunger from a variety of Western mains and Asian fare.

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