A pretty and picturesque town along the southern coast, Weligama is a sleepy fishing village that draws villa travellers seeking a serene vacation spot. Relax in your villa and enjoy sweeping sights of the tropical greenery and paradise beach surrounding you, or venture out for a leisurely walk along the arc of golden sand at Weligama Beach. Not sure how to holiday here? Check out our Weligama Travel Guide!

Things to do in Weligama

Weligama Bay

Weligama Bay
Weligama Bay

It is well worth making a trip to Weligama Bay. Be greeted by the sight of a lovely stretch of golden sand lining turquoise waters dotted with a multitude of colourful fishing boats.

Apart from its breathtaking beauty, Weligama Bay also offers travellers with plethora of activities to engage in. Water sports enthusiasts will not be able to resist the charms of the bay, for it serves as a perfect spot for swimming, diving, snorkeling and surfing.

Kushta Raja Gala

Kushta Raja Gala
Kushta Raja Gala

Villa travellers may find it hard to tear themselves away from the enchanting Weligama Bay.

However, do make time to venture out to visit the Kushta Raja Gala, which translates to mean ‘Rock of the Leper King’. The cultural site, featuring a statue of Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara carved into a rock, draws hordes of local and foreign tourists.

Go on a snorkelling trip

The south coast of Sri Lanka boasts an array of stunning sites for snorkeling, for the seas are home to a plethora of tropical fish, ravishing coral reefs and intriguing shipwrecks. Travellers can look forward to swimming and diving through caves in their bid to explore intricate rock formations underwater.

Learn how to surf

Weligama Bay is a serene spot that draws beginner surfers with its soft beach waves. It is a good alternative to other busy and crowded surf spots located up north. Surfers can easily rent surfing equipment, or engage a surfing coach at one of the surf centers along the coast.

Travellers should definitely try out surfing at Weligama beach break, for the waves are suitable for beginner surfers. Experienced surfers seeking a challenging surf can ride the waves at the reef point break at Midigama, a beach town located within Weligama.

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Heaven for divers

Diving Weligama

Weligama presents excellent conditions for diving, and is home to five different dive sites. A number of dive centers are located close to the western end of the beach.

Divers are in for a treat, for they will be diving against a backdrop containing large pinnacles and intricate rock formations. These formations helps to attract a diversity of marine life, such as eels, electric rays and sea turtles. Occasionally, divers may even spot exotic creatures such as blue whales, whale sharks and manta rays during their underwater expeditions.

What to eat in Weligama

Samaru Beach House

Sri Lankan Rice and Curry
Rice and Curry

Samaru Beach House occupies a convenient spot along the coast, making it a great place for beach-goers to stop by for a satisfying meal. The in-house restaurant serves a wide variety of tasty local and Western dishes, such as curries, pasta, grilled chicken, pancakes and seafood items.

Cafe Weligama

Be sure to stop by the restaurant at Cafe Weligama. Diners are left in good hands, for the owners provide friendly and attentive service, and dish up an array of tasty fare served in generous portions. In addition, the eatery overlooks the ocean, offering diners with a sweeping view of the coast.

Blue Lagoon Seafood Restaurant

Seafood Sri Lanka

Villa travellers can expect to indulge in a seafood feast at Blue Lagoon Seafood Restaurant. The eatery boasts clean surroundings, as well as friendly service and reasonable prices. Do note that the majority of the dishes served here can be very spicy. Travellers who cannot tolerate much heat in their food may want to seek alternative eateries.

AVM Cream House

Craving icy desserts or a refreshing beverage after a hearty meal?

Make a stop by AVM Cream House, and satisfy your cravings by choosing from the array of fresh juices, ice cream treats and local snacks available at the eatery.

Accommodations in Weligama

Villa Kumara

Villa Kumara

Villa Kumara is a cosy, two-bedroom abode that provides travellers with the best that south Sri Lanka has to offer. The villa is situated close to the surf break of Weligama, as well as Mirissa Beach, serving as an ideal accommodation for guests keen on water sports.

Tucked amidst a verdant forestry, Villa Kumara will also appeal to guests in search of a scenic and tranquil retreat. Make time to soak in the spacious infinity pool, and enjoy the surrounding views of the dense jungle canopy.

Lanka Lodge

Lanka Lodge

One finds paradise on earth in Lanka Lodge.

The villa is tucked away along a quiet bay, enveloped by pristine white beaches and tropical greenery. An offshore reef hides beneath the crystal clear waters, inviting snorkelers to marvel at its stunning beauty.

Travellers keen on staying outdoors will delight in relaxing in the beautiful pool of the villa, or by the spacious patio overlooking the sea. Those who prefer lounging indoors can enjoy a soothing Ayurvedic massage by a professional therapist.

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