5 Best and Easy Ways From Galle To Mirissa

Northern Sri Lanka is a perfect destination if you have a penchant for exotic vacations with unique cultures and beautiful beaches with rich marine life and pristine sea. Mirissa is one of many spots for your Sri Lanka beach visit. You can take a route from Mirissa from Galle to a trip along the coast, it has a little less than 40 KM distance and takes a little more than one hour on average. You may have a few spots to visit along the way, or you can have a scenic trip with public transport. Here are our top 5 recommendations for you to get to Mirissa from Galle, each with its plus and minus:

1. Train

enjoy Sri Lanka's beautiful sceneries by taking the train on your trip from Galle to Mirissa.
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For a slower, more comfortable trip with a scenic view along the way, you might opt for the train. It is one of the most preferred forms of transportation to travel from Galle to Mirissa.

Some of the trains are scheduled to leave from Colombo, so there is a chance it will be busy by the time you get on the train in Galle. But considering it is not an incredibly long ride, it won’t be too inconvenient even if you have to stand.

The first train to Mirissa from Galle departs at 5:30 and the last train departs at 20:50. It is recommended for you to have the complete train schedule before your trip

The seat is divided into the first, second, and third-class seats. It would be more convenient to buy your first-class tickets ahead of the schedule, but you can buy a second and third-class ticket at the station as well on the day you travel.

The best seat to take is the right-hand side, where you can enjoy the best coastal views on all of your trips.

It costs from 35rs (Sri Lankan Rupee) to 6000rs for a train trip from Galle to Mirissa and the trip takes from 50 minutes to 1 hour and 10 minutes.

2. Bus

take the bus on your trip to Mirissa from Galle for a cheaper budget and slightly faster trip.

If you’re on a budget and want a slightly faster trip, you can choose to travel by bus. However, the downside is that buses in Sri Lanka are notorious for having a not quite well-organized bus and locals would warn you about the wild journey.

To take a bus from Galle to Mirissa, you will need to make your way to the Galle Bus Stand a minute’s walk from the railway station.

Look for the #350 or #2 to get to Mirissa. Both buses’ end destinations will be Matara.

It is recommended for you to ask for the next bus and the ticket cost. But as the bus system is not too well organized, the timetable and prices often change depending on who you ask. And because of the irregular system, you should be expecting yourself to wait a little longer for your bus.

It cost 100 or 200 rs for a trip by bus and it took from one to one and a half hours for the trip.

3. Tuk-Tuk

take the tuk-tuk for the whole Sri Lanka experience.

For a Sri Lankan local experiment, you might want to go a little crazy and drive a tuk-tuk!

But first of all, you will need to book one with a tuk-tuk rental company. That way, you’ll be fully insured with the correct license to drive. You might want to organize the booking yourself, but it is recommended to let the company do it for convenience.

Sri Lanka Road Trip and Tuk Tuk Rental are two of the popular companies to rent a tuk-tuk from.

Driving a tuk-tuk is not harder than driving a car. Especially if you ask the rental company to give you a quick lesson before your trip. If you’re from the country to drive on the left, it might be easier to learn.

The route from Galle to Mirissa is mostly one road all the way, so you don’t have to struggle much with reading your map to get to your destination.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind for your tuk-tuk trip. The speed limit for tuk-tuk is 40km, slower than the average car. The seat in a tuk-tuk fits one person comfortably in the back with enough space for luggage. It is recommended to travel along the A2 road for the best views.

A tuk-tuk rental starts at about $2 (9000rs) per day but the daily price gets lower the longer you rent your tuk-tuk. 

Or if you don’t feel like driving, you can also hire a driver for your tuk-tuk ride.

Head to sprpta.lk to look for price regulations that the drivers should follow. However, there is a chance the drivers seem to make the price go up as they go. So you might want to use it as a guide but don’t expect an enforced price.

There are some ways to find a driver:

  • Ask Your Hotel

This is an easier way. Your hotel might know someone who can drive the tuk-tuk. But if you use this method, you’ll need to name your budget and be open to negotiation. A good price is around 2200 rupees.

  • App

You can call a tuk-tuk using the PickMe app. The price is about 2000 rs, but it depends on the demand. You can pay by cash or by card. However, the downside is even though you can arrange a tuk-tuk at a set time, there is no guarantee a driver will pick up your order.

  • Manual

A more spontaneous way to find a driver is simply to just flag one down. You might get lucky to find someone who is willing to drive you. There is a bigger chance for success by doing this at the train station.

4. Car

Hire a car for a more convenient way to go to Mirissa.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra budget, hiring a car is the most convenient way to explore your Sri Lanka vacation. It is safer and gives you more flexibility. Plus, with the short distances between destinations, you can have a road trip without the inconvenience of spending hours driving.

Car companies generally offer their service straight from the airport. So you can pick up your car and just take your trip right to Mirissa along the coast.

To prepare for your road trip, there are some specifics you need to prepare. Book a car that comes with seatbelts. Plenty of cars in Sri Lanka don’t have one, so you need to list this particular request. You could have roadside assistance, and a driving permit is a must. You can ask the car rental company to organize the permit. For the process, you have to pay your deposit, and only the driver who signs the paperwork be insured to drive.

To seek car companies you can hire, you can visit the local travel agencies or car rental offices as soon as you arrive. Or you can browse beforehand from a site like maplandia.com.

5. Taxi

For a straightforward way without arranging many appointments, you can take a taxi from Galle straight to Mirissa.

You can ask your hotel for a taxi, or use the PickMe app. It is not recommended to just ask any random person with a car to drive you.

A Journey to Mirissa from Gale with Taxi will cost you anywhere between 3000-4000 rupees, depending on the pick-up time and passenger numbers. Drivers with minivans could charge you more than a driver with a small car, which has less space. So it is recommended for you to double-check the size of the car before you make your booking.

The specific request for a car with a seatbelt also applies when you book a taxi. Keep in mind that the road along the way can be dangerous.

Pit Stops From Galle To Mirissa

Now you’re having a trip from Galle to Mirissa, you’ll drive along the coast with tourism spots worth visiting. Here are some choices for your mini road trip.

Galle Fort

It takes a 15-minute drive to Unawatuna to reach Galle Fort. This ancient fort town is a historical site that marks the city’s survival from the invasion of the Portuguese, Dutch, and British.

Aside from being a spot to admire the traditional historical landmark, it is a perfect place to spend the afternoon shopping at boutique shops nearby. 

But the best way to enjoy this spot is at sunset. The view from the Galle Fort wall is the best.


Unawatuna is a popular beach town on the coast of Sri Lanka famous for its sandy beaches and trendy restaurants and cafes. 

On its beach, you can surf, have a walk, or drive along the coastline. You can take a swim in its sea as well.

For an Instagrammable trip, you might want to stop at the famous Dalawella beach swing to snap some shots. Unawatuna is generally known for its picturesque view, and you can snap some photos as well of the ocean views from the Japanese Peace Pagoda.

Turtle Hatchery

Turtle hatchery is a common organization in Sri Lanka. The entire coastline of this country has non-profit turtle hatcheries. While the main goal of these hatcheries is turtle conservation, along the way, they have become popular tourist spots.

For example, in Ahangama, you can help the local fisherman to carry the turtles safely to be released into the water. For that experience, a small fee is applicable.


This fishing village beach is a quieter beach with small waves. It is a perfect place to just chill and enjoy the view. 

On Weligama beach, you can witness the mix of two interesting sights you will never see anywhere else. From afar, a looming isle of Taprobane makes a uniquely gorgeous backdrop. While in the foreground, you can see the practice of stilt fishermen. It is a remarkable Sri Lanka activity that has become a unique attraction for tourists.

The peaceful atmosphere of Weligama beach made the place into a luxury retreat. Some celebrities said they have been visiting this beach for some peace and calm.

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