Beach-lovers, venture to Bentota, and delight in soaking up the sun at one of its gorgeous, idyllic beaches. Villa travellers with a keen interest for water sports should reside here, for it offers a plethora of water activities. Get ready for an endless adventure of canoeing, jet-skiing, surfing and engaging boat rides during your stay here! Check out our Bentota Travel Guide below!

Best things to do in Bentota

Bentota Beach

bentota travel guide

Credit: Hafiz Issadeen via Flickr

The golden, sandy shores and turquoise waters of Bentota Beach welcome villa travellers seeking a glorious tropical vacation!

The waters of Bentota serves as a good spot for surfing. A string of restaurants and bars dotted along the coast makes it convenient for beach-goers to grab a bite or drink at any time of the day.

Brief Garden

Brief Garden

Brief Garden

Wander through the main gates, and be entranced by the enchanting, well-maintained grounds of Brief Garden. The sprawling garden and abode were home to Bevis Bawa, brother of renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa.

You can explore the grounds and home, and discover the array of murals, artworks, statues and sculptures (some of which are crafted in highly suggestive forms!).

Galapota Temple

Behold the sight of an impressive Buddha Statue!

The Galapota Temple was believed to be dated back to the 12th century. However, the complex was destroyed by the Dutch during the 16th century, and subsequently rebuilt at a later stage.

Warakagoda Temple

Warakagoda Temple

Warakagoda Temple

Once a palace-fortress, the Warakagoda Temple now serves as a tourist attraction and archaeological heritage site. Visitors can explore the grounds containing a devale, temple, guard stones and moat, and discover the colourful frescoes within these structures.

Kalutara Temple

The hollow interiors of the magnificent Gangatilaka Vihara, a Buddhist dagoba, makes its a unique, one-of-a-kind structure. Step into the compounds of the temple, and you will set sight upon intricate paintings depicting scenes that occurred during the life of Buddha.

Kechimalai Mosque

Kechimalai Mosque

Kechimalai Mosque

The tall, pristine white structure of the Kechimalai Mosque serves as a picturesque and striking sight. Locals residing in the nearby areas will be happy to show you around the mosque to discover its beautiful arabic architecture. The best time to visit is during the Eid-ul-Fitr festivals held at the end of the month of Ramadan.

Embark on a Bike Tour

Hop on a bike, and discover Bentota on two wheels!

Travellers can look forward to cruising through the quiet lanes of picturesque villages, zipping past mystical temples and cycling along shady pathways as they explore the scenic sights that Bentota offers.

Bentota River Boat Cruise

Bentota Boat Cruise

Boat Cruise

If you do not fancy touring Bentota by foot or on wheels, why not discover its picturesque sights by joining a boat cruise?

Take a seat on board the boat, and keep your eyes peeled for tropical wildlife and flora as you sail past meandering channels, mangrove swamps and riverbanks.

Where to eat in Bentota

Diya Sisila Restaurant

If feasting on delectable seafood dishes alongside a scenic lake sounds like an attractive dining option, having a meal at Diya Sisila Restaurant will definitely float your boat!

The friendly staff at the restaurant makes dining at the eatery an enjoyable experience. While the selection of items on the menu is rather limited, the dishes are stunning. Note that there are hardly any non-seafood dishes available. Therefore, villa travellers who are not fans of seafood may want to give the restaurant a miss. Expect a waiting time ranging between forty-five minutes to an hour for meals to be ready.




Villa travellers craving for a taste of Italian flavours in Bentota should definitely make a stop by at Eatalian. The restaurant boasts a fine setting and cosy ambience, a pretty central courtyard, a terrace, as well as prompt and courteous service.

Eatalian’s kitchen is helmed by a chef who has trained in Italy for over fifteen years, and this can be discerned from the taste and quality of the food served at the restaurant. Do not miss out on ordering well-recommended items such as the pasta dishes and desserts!


Randholee charms diners with its prompt service, lovely setting, scrumptious dishes, generous portions and fair prices. The menu is extensive, and diners will find a diversity of dishes ranging from seafood items and local Sri Lankan fare, to Western mains and Asian fusion dishes.

Bentota Lake Restaurant

Bentota Lake Restaurant

Dining by Bentota Lake

Villa travellers in search of a fine restaurant for a romantic and intimate dinner will not be disappointed by Bentota Lake Restaurant. Diners may opt to dine at the captivating and picturesque garden, or taken by pontoon to dine out in the middle of a calm and serene lake.

Guests are spoilt for choice, and can select from a wide range of items on the menu, such as salads, sandwiches, main courses, mixed grilled items, Indian food and Sri Lankan fare.

Malli’s Seafood Restaurant

Mallis Seafood Restaurant Bentota

Malli’s Seafood Restaurant

Malli’s Seafood Restaurant proves to be a delightful and quirky find. The restaurant sits on the platform of Bentota railway station, and provides diners with a view of the scenic surroundings.

The eatery is well-decorated with ornate furnishings and offers guests with an array of tasty seafood dishes.

The Villa Cafe

A meal at The Villa Cafe promises to be an excellent dining experience.

The service is attentive and non-intrusive, the chef whips up a diversity of scrumptious dishes with beautiful presentations and the eatery boasts a classy and elegant setting. The prices here are higher relative to local eateries, but well worth paying for the quality of the food and the enjoyable experience.

Staying in Bentota

Bentota travellers will find an array of welcoming and cosy villas in the nearby areas of Hikkaduwa, Aluthgama and Induruwa.

Six Degrees North Villa – Hikkaduwa

Villa Six Degrees North near Bentota

Trendy Hikkaduwa welcomes all hip and happening villa travellers! Rows of restaurants, bars and shops near the beach creates buzz and liveliness in the area. There is also plenty to see and do here – the seas of Hikkaduwa are great for snorkeling, diving and surfing, and a handful of mystical temples and cultural sites are situated nearby.

Villa travellers residing at Six Degrees North Villa are in for a treat!

Set amidst sprawling grounds, the villa occupies an excellent spot by the beach, and offers guests with sweeping views of the boundless ocean.

Guests are spoilt for choice, and will have plenty of activities to choose from during their stay at the villa. Nature lovers can make a trip to the Madampe Lake or Hikkaduwa Lagoon, while culture buffs will delight in visiting the Ariyapala Mask Museum, as well as the handloom cotton factory along Galle Road.

Villa Max Wadiya – Hikkaduwa

villa near bentota

Escape to an unspoilt beach, enjoy scenic views of the sunset, and indulge in a restful stay at Villa Max Wadiya.

Sitting in the quiet fishing village of Ambalangoda, this charming abode is set within a beautiful garden containing coconut trees, a saltwater pool and quaint hammocks. Travellers with a taste for colonial furnishings will find the traditional interiors and Oriental ornaments to be a pleasing sight.

Villa Aspara Bentota – Aluthgama

Mention Aluthgama, and vivid images of pristine white beaches, as well as streets lined with quirky markets and local shops comes to mind. Its proximity to Bentota Lagoon makes this a great spot for villa travellers with a keen love for water sports to reside in!

Villa Aspara Bentota promises to delight travellers with a fine taste for luxury. Guests have access to a private jetty, and arrangements can easily be made with a water sports center to provide equipment for water activities within the private compounds of the villa.

The staff at the villa offer superb service, and will go out of their way to make your stay there an enjoyable one. The talented chef is ready to please and is happy to whip up an array of culinary delights to satisfy each and every guest.

Sri Villa – Induruwa

sri villa in bentota

Peaceful Induruwa presents a stretch of uncrowded beaches ideal for sunbathing and relaxing strolls. Located at a comfortable distance to Colombo, it serves as a great starting point for you to travel around.

Sri Villa is a complex that houses a total of three villas – Villa Nisala, Villa Sagaa and Villa Araliya. This gorgeous beachfront compound is located on a spacious plot of greenery, and the grounds of its well-maintained tropical garden blends in seamlessly towards the fine, golden shores of the beach.

The villas are designed in the style of traditional Sri Lankan homes. Guests can expect a charming abode with lofty ceilings, beautiful louvred doors and airy open concept living spaces.

For more villas in Bentota, check out here.

Featured image by Hafiz Issadeen via Flickr