Acerca de nosotros

Nosotros seleccionamos las mejores villas en Sri Lanka

Somos los especialistas de la Villas de Sri Lanka. Entre la innumerable cantidad de villas a lo largo de Sri Lanka, hemos seleccionado a mano 100 villas excepcionales en toda la isla, para asegurarnos de que usted obtenga la mejor experiencia de vacaciones.

Examinamos todas nuestras villas

Conocemos muy bien nuestras villas y nos reunimos con los dueños a menudo. Cada una de nuestras villas es inspeccionada independientemente cada año y eliminamos al instante cualquier villa que no cumpla con nuestros altos estándares de calidad y servicio.

Te garantizamos el mejor precio disponible para todas nuestras villas

Tenemos contratos directos con todos los propietarios de la villa por lo que garantizamos el mejor precio disponible para cada villa.

Tenemos presencia local

Tenemos raíces profundas en Asia. Contamos con oficinas y socios en todos los países en los que operamos para que usted no esté solo en el caso de un problema durante sus vacaciones.

Somos imparciales

A diferencia de la mayoría de las agencias en Sri Lanka, nosotros no somos dueños ni gestionamos ninguna villa en Sri Lanka, por lo tanto nuestros asesores de viaje son libres de ofrecer asesoramiento imparcial. Ellos sólo se centran en conseguir la mejor villa para usted.

Cumplimos con las normas internacionales

Somos una empresa registrada en Singapur que cumple con los estándares internacionales de contabilidad, legal y de calidad. Su reserva es segura con nosotros.

El equipo

David Chambat

David Chambat

Managing Director & Founder

David’s job is to make sure that you have the best possible experience when you search, book and stay in one of our villas. Being extremely customer-focused, he insists on talking to clients directly on the phone and personally visiting each of the villas in our collection.

David started the company in 2012 when he realized that booking a villa was still a challenging thing to do. A native of France, he has been living in Asia since 1997 and has worked for Air France-KLM and the hotel website He is a graduate from EDHEC and holds an MBA from INSEAD. A keen runner and a passionate yogi, he currently lives in Singapore and has 3 kids.

Maria Saputri

Maria Saputri

Head of Operations

Maria and her team of villa experts and concierges are in charge of assisting your villa bookings 7 days a week, in 7 different languages. They are also here to guarantee a seamless holiday during your stay in one of our villas. A native of Indonesia, Maria has lived in Jakarta and Singapore where she worked for both EVA Air and Bayu Buana Travel Services. She is now based in Bali where she enjoys diving and cycling with her 2-year-old Russel.

Julien Romey

Julien Romey

Chief Technology Officer

Julien is the wizard that brings the company's dreams to the World Wide Web. An unstoppable running addict, Julien pauses to listen carefully and patiently to the needs of his users in order to build the best experience for them. Born in France, Julien has worked for SamBoat, Publicis and multiple other companies before moving to Singapore in 2017.

Daniel Rouquette

Daniel Rouquette

Head of Marketing & Co-founder

Daniel and his marketing team are the product's guardians. They are here to inspect our collection of villas, give you a genuine review of each property and edit great travel guides to help you travel to our destinations. Daniel is a graduate from EDHEC Business School in France, and has a passion for entrepreneurial projects which led him to Singapore in 2010. The only thing he enjoys more than running and traveling around the world is playing the devil’s advocate in our meetings.

Diah Garsanti, Senior Travel Consultant

Diah Garsanti

Senior Travel Consultant
Nindya Dewanti, Marketing Executive

Nindya Dewanti

Marketing Executive
Gilang Saputra, Guest Relations Manager

Gilang Saputra

Guest Relations Manager
Mawar Nurjannah, Travel Consultant

Mawar Nurjannah

Travel Consultant
Sarah Octova Sinaga, Supply Manager

Sarah Octova Sinaga

Supply Manager
Isabella, Travel Consultant


Travel Consultant
Jolien Keulen, Sales Manager

Jolien Keulen

Sales Manager
Edouard Garret, Head of Distribution

Edouard Garret

Head of Distribution
Aurélie Gourdon, Senior Travel Consultant

Aurélie Gourdon

Senior Travel Consultant
Jenny Vongkhankeo, Travel Consultant

Jenny Vongkhankeo

Travel Consultant
Yunia Diyanti, Guest Relations

Yunia Diyanti

Guest Relations
Marion Schneider, Business development

Marion Schneider

Business development
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