A Cultural Discovery: Art Galleries in Sri Lanka

Calling all art lovers traversing the magnificent lands of Sri Lanka! Make time to discover the myriad art galleries and centres during your sojourns, for the Pearl of the Orient is known for its exotic arts and cultural scene. It is unlikely that you will leave some of these places empty-handed, for the eye-catching art works will make excellent mementoes and souvenirs for your trip.

Artway Gallery Nugegoda

Art Way GalleryNugegoda

Arrive at Art Way Gallery, and you will set sight on a structure boasting pristine white exteriors and intricate designs. Step through a twin set of pillars, past a decorative entrance and you will find yourself in an expansive setting housing a mix of traditional and contemporary art pieces. Take your time to discover the diversity of art pieces within the complex, ranging from abstract art and portraits, to installations and sculptures.

Barefoot Gallery Sri LankaBarefoot Gallery, Galle

Art lovers will delight in making a visit to Barefoot Gallery, for it hosts a wide variety of art exhibitions, installations, concerts, poetry readings, performances and film nights.  A dynamic roster of exhibitions ensures that the gallery earns a top spot in influencing and cultivating the art scene and talents of the city. Be sure to browse through the bookshop and boutique located within the compounds, for you will find an eclectic mix of beautiful crafts in a myriad of eye-catching colours.Exotic Roots Art Gallery Sri Lanka

Exotic Roots Art Gallery, Galle

Step into Exotic Roots Art Gallery, and you will find yourself surrounded by an explosion of bright colours. This attractive boutique contains a wide range of design ware, clothes and prints created by French artist Catherine. Holidaymakers on the lookout for unique souvenirs will find what they seek here, for the exquisite handicrafts are a far cry from run-of-the-mill products sold elsewhere.

Indika Art Gallery, Tangalle

Do not let the compact size of Indika Art Gallery fool you, for it houses an extensive collection of art works created in a diverse variety of styles. Strike up a conversation with the affable Indika, the owner of the gallery, and his wife if you see them, for they will regale interesting insights into the art works exhibited.Lionel Wendt Art Centre Sri Lanka

Lionel Wendt Art Centre, Colombo

The minimalist structure and expansive compounds of Lionel Wendt Art Centre create an excellent platform for exhibiting art and photography works, as well as hosting dance, theatre and musical performances. Containing two gallery spaces and a commodious theatre that seats six hundred, the art centre is often selected to host large-scale musicals and English productions.

Paradise Road Galleries

Paradise Road Galleries, Colombo

The gorgeous grounds of Paradise Road Galleries once served as the office of acclaimed architect Geoffrey Bawa. A fascinating selection of art works are tastefully exhibited along the stunning courtyard and entrance hall, all of which are curated by renowned hotelier and designer Shanth Fernando. A large majority of these art pieces are created by local contemporary artists.

Sithuvili Art Gallery Sri Lanka

Sithuvili Art Gallery, Galle

Sithuvili Gallery welcomes all visitors with a charming setting. Time will fly by easily in this lovely gallery as you browse through an extensive collection of captivating oriental paintings, masks, souvenirs and ornaments. Vacation makers with a keen interest in the arts will want to take an exploratory stroll in the courtyard, and watch on as the talented artists work their magic, transforming raw pieces into alluring works of art.

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